The Fish Mouth Spreader is a fishing tool that is specially designed to open the mouth of the fish so that hooks are cleanly and easily disengaged from catches. Design intent is to provide anglers with a simpler, neater system for hook removal that is hands-free for the fisherman while also more humane to the fish, especially for catch and release fishing.


• Likely fashioned from a durable, water-resistant metal material, the Fish Mouth Spreader would be an inverted V-shaped, prong-like device, measuring approximately eight inches (8") in length and four inches (4") in width at its widest point. The top or proximal end of the Fish Mouth Spreader would boast a convenient handle for easy grasping; directly beneath this, a rectangular bracket containing two (2) circular tie-off plugs for fishing line would be provided. Extending downward into the inverted “V” shape and operated by a spring-loaded head, the two prongs of the Fish Mouth Spreader would be centrally connected via a reverse hemostatic locking mechanism. The distal end of each prong would culminate outwardly, left and right, as a small sharpened tip to facilitate a secure hold when the product is use.

• Pressing the proximal end so that the two prongs join together, the user would insert the distal end into the mouth of the fish. Letting go of the tool expands the prongs, which spread out to increase the opening of the mouth of the catch. The user would then employ pliers or a similar instrument to delicately dislodge the hook. After the hook has been removed, the Fish Mouth Spreader would simply be pressed again to contract it and remove it from the fish. All of the above can be completed without the user ever touching the fish with his or her hands. After the process is done, the user can keep the fish or return it back to the water.


• The Fish Mouth Spreader would provide fishing enthusiasts with a simpler and more effective means of removing a hook from their catches. A handled mechanism with spring-loaded prongs, this unit’s quick catch-and- release assembly would eliminate the need manually wrestle with tiny fish hooks just to remove them from the mouth of the fish. As such, the Fish Mouth Spreader would facilitate this process without the user experiencing smelly, scaly, slimy “fish hands.” Moreover, since the angler would not have to touch the fish or hook, this product would ensure that fingers and hands are not injured by the sharp points of hooks or even bites from the fish itself. In addition, this product would effectively prevent the needless mutilation of wildlife that is common to standard hook removal. Not only would anglers be able to present a flawless catch, but the product would offer more humane treatment of fish that are thrown back into their natural habitat.

• Compact and lightweight, this practical product could easily be transported. Simple to use and operate, this creative device would benefit catchers while allowing them to respect their game. Affordably priced, the Fish Mouth Spreader should be well received by fishermen old and young, male and female, novice and professional, a very sizable market potential.