The Portable Pinewood Derby Track is a racing track surface specially designed for pinewood derby competitions sponsored by the Cub and Boy Scouts of America, that can be easily transported from one location to another. Design intent is to provide Scouts with a more user friendly track for their beloved races.


• Essentially an elongated, sloping rectangular unit, the Portable Pinewood Derby Track would resemble the standard racing track with two to six lanes, yet would be completely fabricated of fiberglass material. Fiberglass is durable enough to withstand wear-and-tear, while only weighing a fraction of metal.

• The Portable Pinewood Derby Track would offer dimensions of approximately forty-four feet (44') in total length, twenty inches (20") in width, a four feet (4') depth at its top starting area, and a six inch (6") depth at the track’s end. The Portable Pinewood Derby Track would be collapsible; to facilitate this, six (6) sections would be hinge-mounted to allow the unit to fold into itself, contracting its length from 44 feet to a manageable 6 feet. To further increase the unit’s portability, this product would boast a retractable handle for easy carrying, as well as a set of folding cast wheels to facilitate mobility as well as allow the unit to be sturdy.

• The Portable Pinewood Derby Track would also feature a storage drawer, electronic finish line, and lever release retractable start line pegs.


• The Portable Pinewood Derby Track would provide Scouting organizations a much more user-friendly surface for conducting miniature car races. Replacing the extremely heavy metal track currently used with a lightweight unit fashioned of fiberglass, this product would prove more manageable without sacrificing durability or operational capacity.

• Scout groups would be able to set up the Portable Pinewood Derby Track in virtually any location, in a mere matter of minutes. As a result, races can begin quickly, with the fun and thrills of pinewood derby instantly enjoyed by Scouts, leaders, parents, and all spectators.

• Cleverly incorporating hinged sections, the Portable Pinewood Derby Track can be expediently folded into a compacted form, and effortlessly carried or rolled to a new setup location or to a storage closet. Indeed, the compactability of the Portable Pinewood Derby Track would prove easily stored in cramped spaces, unlike the large, cumbersome sections of standard tracks that can dangerously clutter storage areas.

• The Portable Pinewood Derby Track is an innovative product invention that would readily enhance the pinewood derby experience for both sponsors and participants. Fully functional, this product would provide all the necessary surface equipment for races without the hassles inherent in current systems and should be well received by Scouting organizations in America, and throughout the world, a very sizable market potential.