The E-Z Guider is a cab-operated, side-lighting system for semitrailers. Intent of the E-Z Guider is to provide drivers with ample lighting when they are backing a trailer down a dark alley, tunnel, or similar passage — thereby reducing the incidence of property damage to trailers and other structures, and possibly reducing the insurance premiums paid by truckers and trucking companies.


• The E-Z Guider would consist of eight lights (four on each side of the trailer), each measuring 4 inches in height by 6 inches in length, and situated near or on the chrome at the top and bottom of each side of the trailer, on both the front and back ends.

• The lights will be covered by opaque or chrome, inconspicuous covers when not in use, and would not generally be used except in the dark, narrow backing situations already described. The covers will open when the lights are activated, allowing and directing the lights to shine toward the rear of the trailer. This would require small electric motors activated by the light-switch in the cab, to open and close the light doors or covers. This switch, which could be located on the cab’s dashboard or inner panel door, would be a simple Off/ On switch, and will open the covers and turn on the E-Z Guider lights in the “On” position, and extinguish the lights and close the covers in the “Off” position.

• Each light of the E-Z Guider would be swivel mounted within its base. A separate switch could be located next to the Off/On switch to control the swivel action of the lights. This switch could work much like the switches used to control the side mirrors on ordinary vehicles. Thus, the lights would move up, down, left and right.


• The E-Z Guider system of trailer side-lighting will enable truckers backing their trailers down dark alleys, tunnels, garages, and similar tight passages to illuminate these passages sufficiently to be seen easily in the rear-view mirrors — and sufficiently to avoid errant steering of the trailer and inadvertent sideswiping collisions with the walls or other adjacent structures or objects.

• When not in use, the E-Z Guider lights will remain discreetly covered and protected, their covers opening only when the lights are activated. Backing a trailer equipped with the E-Z Guider will be easier and safer, and the savings resulting from their use — fewer mishaps while backing, reduction in property damage to trailer and cargo; even the potential for a reduction in the insurance premiums paid by truckers and trucking companies — should make the E-Z Guider system highly attractive to the manufacturers of semi-trailers, and to the drivers and companies who use them to move the nation’s freight.