The Plant Buddy is a plant hydration system that is specially

designed to prevent underwatering or overwatering, thus

ensuing plants receive just the right amount of water and



• The Plant Buddy would consist of an upright, elongated

plastic cylindrical tube, a plunger mechanism, and a narrow

connection tube. The planter contains a thin lining with small

holes, which is used to hold the water prior to pushing the plunger

mechanism. The narrow connection tube is detachable from the


• The exact dimensions and materials would be at the

manufactures discretion. Several sizes could be produced. Small

systems would be for small potted plants and the larger systems

would be for large indoor potted plants as well as terrace



The narrow tube would be extended from the larger tube and placed

into a planter, through one of the holes that make up standard

planters. This action connects the system to the plant to be

watered. Next, water would be poured into the large cylinder.

Pressing the internal plunger in a downward motion, a user is able to

push water through the small tube which travels to the planter and

the lining. In this manner, plant roots receive water and nutrients

directly, thus immediately saturating the roots.


• The Plant Buddy would provide a simple and efficient means of

keeping plants healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

• The Plant Buddy would ensure that flowers and greenery

receive the proper amount of water and nutrients.

• The Plant Buddy is particularly ideal for household plant

lovers, the multitude of businesses that decorate their

establishments with greenery would certainly find this product an

invaluable aid in proper plant care and maintenance.