The Wagenate is an alternative energy source suitable for household

HVAC and other appliances usage during short term power

outages. The initial design intent is to provide consumers a reliable

alternate power source for the furnace, or other appliances/tools in

the event of a power outage.


The Wagenate is a self contained power source capable of running anything

electrical. The initial design intent is to provide consumers energy efficiency,

“GREEN”, and a reliable alternative power source for the furnace, air conditioner

and critical appliances in the event of a power outage in its commitment to help

save lives throughout the world.

• Through further design modifications, the Wagenate would provide supplemental

power not only to a furnace, boilers, hospital equipment (e.g., life support

apparatus), air conditioning equipment, computers, appliances, power tools, compressors

or running anything electrical, etc., for at least 48 hours. The feature of

this unit is that it would not be dependent on fossil fuels.

• The Wagenate would consist of commonly found integrated components

all working together to provide alternative power.

• The Wagenate road map has been defined and consists of the following:

• Integration within new or existing HVAC equipment.

• Stand-alone unit that acts as a self powering energy provider.

• Sealable self-diagnosing unit(s) with the capabilities of powering the

smallest appliances to entire cities or under-served third-world countries.


• The Wagenate would provide temporary power to household furnaces,

AC appliances, power tools, compressors, breathing machines and other components

that rely on electrical current experiencing short-term outages — and most

power outages are, in fact, short-term.

• The Wagenate could be used by residences, offices, nursing homes, day

care centers, construction sites, controlled-healthcare facilities, government factions

and un-served third-world countries — virtually anywhere that electricity is

required to augment short-term power outages.

• Designed for easy recharging, the Wagenate would automatically recharge

itself while the furnace, AC or appliance are in use. Versatile, adaptable, compact,

affordable, and requiring limited maintenance, this cost-effective temporary power

system would offer consumers a fine alternative to purchasing noisy, expensive,

gasoline-powered generators.

• Clearly, the Wagenate should find a wide and receptive market among the

consumer households and commercial enterprises, large and small, of America and