Sell Your Idea
Sell your Idea!

First, you need to find a manufacturer.

Before you can make money from an invention, you must find a company that loves your idea, AND is in the right industry to get your invention idea to market.

Once you find a company that is interested, how do you make money from your idea?

When you find a suitable company, there are two main ways to profit from an idea:

IRI Step One.

Sell your invention outright.

In this case, what you sell are your rights to the invention. Presumably, these would be the rights you have under a United States patent or a pending patent application.

Spacer IRI Step Two.

Receive royalty payments from a company.

Instead of selling all of your rights, you enter into a licensing agreement with the company. They pay you a royalty each time they sell a product that they manufacture and that is based upon your idea.

For both ways to make a profit, you first need to find a company that is interested in manufacturing your idea. This is where can help! We connect inventors with manufacturers, to help inventors sell their ideas.

Inventors advertise their inventions on our Website. Manufacturers review our databases - looking for product ideas that would help their company grow. When manufacturers find a product idea that is right for them, they make contact to work out a deal.